Commercial Moving Company

We have almost 8 years in commericial removals.
We have handled office moves from as little as one person companies, up to triple story buildings three day office moves of 150 staff and all that goes with it.
Do not be fooled by the size of our vehicles. These take way more than 99 percent of our clients realise. We also happily send 2 - 4 vehicles to handle a move which in turn is as big as an 8 ton truck or more.

Office moves are handled with great care.
We dismantle and reassemble all desks and other furniture items, and we make sure all hardware it returned to the exact desk it was removed etc through careful bagging and a marking system.

We come equipped with trolleys should your office be a decent walk to the vehicles.

Yes! We use forearm lifting straps for larger heavier items.
This gives us a huge advantage over companies not putting money into these amazing pieces of moving gear.
This is said to remove 40% of the weight and protect the back of the employees. They also allow a much safer move of larger and heavier items :)
These straps also allow for the easy removal of PIANOS! Yes we handle around 10 or more pianos a month.


Please pop over to our 'Request a Quote' page for further details and the web form should you prefer this over a direct email.

Onsite viewings and quotations:
Please note, we do offer to come out and view your office in order to quote, but note this is mostly for the larger moves as we simply do not have the staff capacity to handle all viewing requests.
We ask you easily draw up an inventory list and send this to us.
Thanks for your understanding.

Inventory forms :
Please note we find that 90% of our client hate to work with those forms and in all honesty so do we.
We ask you simply take a walk through your property and create a list and email this to us. 
Please remember to get the full content so we do not arrive to too many suprises on the day.
House, outdoor furniture, sheds, garden and garage!!!

Whatsapp over Email - EMAIL IS ALWAYS BEST!
Please note we are happy to start a conversation on whatsapp for the intial start of a quotation but we do not finalise bookings via whatsapp at all. It is always best to email your queries to us as this is a much safer option.