Moving Tips

We have started a list of the things we are finding people are not doing when prepping for a move.

Please be prepared for the team's arrival, as this makes everything go that much smoother, and in turn, moving you into your new home in less time.

  • BE READY FOR US! There should be no picture frames, plants, cloths etc on items about to be moved.
  • Empty the fridge.
  • Turn off the water for the dishwasher, washing machine and fridges.
  • Pack small stuff into boxes. This will drastically increase the speed of the move.
  • Make sure to use the correct brown tape when packing your boxes, other tapes just do not work as well and cause boxes to fall apart while being moved.
  • Do not overload boxes. This causes the bottoms to break under the pressure.
  • Unpack draws – we often turn things upside down to fit in better
  • Empty weber’s and braai’s please…
  • Double check delivery addresses, do not always trust what's on a website.
  • Prearrange with security for the service elevator key, or side entrance gate key etc.
  • Mark your boxes if they are fragile.
  • Relax and let us take good care of you. A stressed out client can cause the whole team to be on edge.
  • Dont be a “back seat driver”… We know what we are doing and we do it well.