Please note:
Go Gorilla Movers do not offer storage in our own warehousing anymore.
Due to Covid times we have realised that a home office is the best office and without the need for an office we gave up our warehousing facility as storage really was only paying for the space with zero profits for the company.

We have over the past 7 years developed great relationships with many of the great facilities around Cape Town and can handle the booking of a unit at often a better rate than offered should you call. Once its time for the paperwork this is when you need to take over of course.

Keys things to take note of before securing a facility:

  • Your budget
  • do you require fast easy acccess regularly
  • do you require 24/7 access
  • long term or short term
  • how secure are your items
  • can others within the facility lay eyes on my items
  • How dusty is the facility

Yes there are many facilities that do not have solid sealed walls between units. Some have green mesh cloth as dividing walls allowing others to see all your items. This can also be a huge security risk and also allows for far more dust to settle on your items.
Personally we prefer indiviual garage spaces with solid walls and a proper lockable roller gate door. 

Our personal favourite facilities in order are:

  • Extra Attic - Airport Industria - fantastic facility with all ground floor garages

          17, 19 Manhattan St, Boquinar Industrial Area, Cape Town, 7490
          021 386 0386

          16 Pickwick Street, Salt River 8001, Western Cape
           (+27) 21 448 5000

          [email protected]
           (+27) 21 286 5903